At B&W Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on developing highly efficient industrial conveyor systems that allow our customers to get more work done in a safer environment. Each specialization of our machinery is designed to be lightweight, easy-to-install, and, most importantly, durable. We’ve spent many years perfecting and patenting these designs so that our customers can reap the most benefit from our equipment in their respective industries. Let’s talk about how each of our industrial conveyor systems work.

Portable Conveyor and Truck Mount

Our truck mount is designed specifically to work with our portable industrial conveyor systems. Upon receiving the portable conveyor, you’ll work through the following steps to set up the machinery:

  • Attach the wheel stand
  • Lock the gutter stands and remove the industrial conveyor from the crate
  • Attach the rear guard rail
  • Ensure you are in compliance with safety recommendations
  • And you’re ready to go

Should you choose to use the portable conveyor with the industrial conveyor truck mount, be sure to follow the manual to maximize compatibility and safety.

With the portable industrial conveyor systems, you can easily transport materials between various levels using the portable conveyor. The telescoping design supports fast set up and tear down times, maximizing the efficiency of your entire operation.

Industrial Motorized Ladder

The motorized ladder is the perfect piece of introductory equipment as far as industrial conveyor systems are concerned. Featuring roof mounts and a power unit, all you have to do upon receiving your Ultra-Lite ladder is unpack it and set up right where you want to work. Secure your roof mounts and insert the Power Unit to begin operations.

Should you need additional height to complement the maximum extension of 35', you can set up the base of the motorized ladder on a truck bed prior to loading.

The recommended loading angle is 70-degrees or less, for maximum efficiency when operating the motorized ladder. When set up to the recommended specifications, you can expect payloads to be delivered every 9 seconds.

Bulk Belt Conveyor

Our bulk belt industrial conveyor is set on wheels to provide maximum mobility into hard to reach places. Additionally, it features the option to be maneuvered by a single axle towing trailer allowing you to position your industrial conveyor system in the ideal location, regardless of the potential difficulties a BobCat or traditional tractor might face.

Once you've set up your bulk conveyor in your desired location, you can begin heavy-duty hauling. This industrial conveyor system allows organizations to transport demolition and construction debris through the wide trough shaped design. Your team can load the conveyor from the top or the bottom to transport these difficult-to-move materials between levels, onto truck beds or palettes, or anywhere else that would put your team in harm's way if they tried to do it themselves.

Depending on what you need from your industrial conveyor system, you can leverage the modular design to expand the conveyor in 5’ intervals to adjust it to your needs, instead of the other way around. Thus, with this bulk system, you can maximize the productivity of your operation when transporting heavy or difficult-to-move materials.

To learn more about the specifications for each of our industrial conveyor systems, check out our products page for our manufacturer spec sheets and manuals.