The B&W Ultra-Lite Motor Lift Ladder System is an industry leading piece of equipment perfect for roofers, landscapers, warehouse employees, and any other industry that requires regular transportation of materials between multiple levels. This easy-to-use, lightweight system helps increase efficiency throughout the workday by allowing your employees to get more done, faster.

How To Use The Ultra-Lite Motor Lift Ladder

At B&W, we call our lift ladder the “one-minute ladder” because it is that easy to set up, tear down, and transport. Our ladder systems are delivered via truck in a reusable wooden crate. We recommend you save as much of the crate as possible upon delivery.

  1. Place the lift ladder on two sawhorses with the crossover rollers facing down.
  2. Remove all the tape restraints that hold the drive belt in place and extend the belt so it reaches both ends of the lift ladder.
  3. Extend the ladder to maximum height by holding the upper frame in place and pulling the lower frame out, adjusting the sawhorses as needed.
  4. Install the power unit at the lower end of the lift ladder by sliding the power unit through the frame on the third rung.
  5. Slide the drive belts over the wheels at the bottom and over the large rollers at the top end.
  6. Attach the gutter stand units three rungs from the delivery end.
  7. Tighten the belts on your lift ladder before connecting to a 115 volt power source.

You will not find a lift ladder that’s as durable or easy-to-use on the market today.

The Benefits Of Using The B&W Lift Ladder

The B&W lift ladder has many practical applications, including transporting shingles, clay tiles, tires, carpentry materials, plywood, and so much more. Additionally, our equipment offers a variety of benefits across various industries.

  • Increase Productivity - By streamlining the process of moving materials from one level to another, at six-second intervals, you can eliminate stop/start delays that slow your progress on a project.
  • Maximize Functionality - From roofers to manufacturers, the lift ladder enhances the functionality of your work by increasing the efficiency at which delivery can be performed.
  • Improve Safety - Another important element provided by the B&W motor lift ladder is the improved safety and decreased downtime from ladder-related injuries.
  • Greater Mobility - Because the motor lift ladder is so lightweight, transport is easy - even when using smaller trucks or lumber racks.

If you think the B&W motor lift ladder could be a good fit for your business, contact us today to get a free quote. Our motorized lift ladder starts at just $3,200.



    Material Main Structure: Aluminum

    Belt Rollers: UHMW Plastic

    Motor: 115 volt motor, ¾ hp., A.C. single phase forward and reverse, 40lbs

    Max Amp. Draw: 38 Amp

    Transmission: Speed reducer 30:1 mounted on motor

    Belt Cleats: T-6 aluminum cleat

    Cleat Height: 3”


    Extension Ladder: Aluminum

    Operating Lengths: 21', 24', and 28'

    Transport Length: 14’, 16’, and 20’

    Weight: 60 to 95lbs

    Distance Between Belts: 11”


    Wireless Remote On/Off Control

    Slide Panels


    Weight: 60lbs

    Width: 17”

    Transport Length: 14’

    Extended Length: 21’

    All models of the lift ladder come with a one year limited warranty.


    Weight: 75lbs

    Width: 17”

    Transport Length: 16’

    Extended Length: 24’

    All models of the lift ladder come with a one year limited warranty.


    Weight: 90lbs

    Width: 17”

    Transport Length: 20'

    Extended Length: 28’

    All models of the lift ladder come with a one year limited warranty.