Meeting the demands of every project that comes your way can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right equipment in house to get the necessary materials to a specific location. The B&W conveyor truck attachment helps resolve this problem for professionals across all industries.

What Can The Conveyor Truck Attachment Do For You?

Our conveyor truck attachment has grown in popularity over the years because the features make it such an applicable tool to so many industries. The lift conveyor truck mount features:

  • 360 degree rotation - indexed every 30 degrees
  • 3-ton hydraulic boom jack with spring loaded valve
  • Operational capabilities with up to 65 degrees of incline
  • A leveling device and spring loaded valve levers for safe operation
  • A head board transport bracket
  • Convenient loading height of three feet
  • Low installation costs
  • Flexible application to any truck bed

The conveyor truck mount is completely self contained and can be installed in just a few minutes. Transfers between vehicles can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

The Benefits Of The B&W Conveyor Truck Mount

The benefits of our truck mount are as extensive as the projects it can help you accomplish. Let’s go over a few of the specifics.

Bring Your Projects In House

With the conveyor truck mount, you, as a regularly licensed driver, can pick up and deliver materials to a site. You completely eliminate the need to hire a third party with a commercial driver’s license to handle the delivery or transport of your materials. With the conveyor truck mount, you can save your business money by bringing every part of your project in house and reducing the overhead costs associated with third-party truckers and fork-lift deliveries that can be costly and cumbersome.

Increase Your Productivity

Gone are the days of deadlines that depend heavily on the timeliness of someone else. With the conveyor truck mount, you not only are in complete control of the influx and egress of supplies, but you are also able to eliminate endless trips up and down a ladder and any delays due to start/stop times. The truck mounted conveyor provides better vertical accessibility, making your job easier.

Improve Mobility

Transferring the conveyor truck mount is incredibly easy and efficient - it takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Additionally, with a complete 360 degree rotation, you gain access to areas that would have been difficult to reach, at best, or impossible, at worst.

Compatible Equipment Improves Your ROI

The conveyor truck mount works perfectly with our 35’ portable conveyor, allowing businesses to leverage the power of both pieces of industry-leading machinery. If you’re interested in the B&W conveyor truck attachment, contact us today to get a free quote on the truck mount itself or a package deal for the conveyor truck mount and portable conveyor, which starts at $7,000.


    Material Main Structure: Powder coated steel

    Max Inclination: 65 degrees

    Extends Behind Truck Bed: 3’ with mounted conveyor

    Rotation: 360 degrees manual rotation

    Rotation Brake: Spring-loaded foot bar

    Leveling Device: Manual, t-handle adjustment

    Headboard Saddle Bracket: Steel with rubber lining


    Weight: 350lbs

    Height: 63” with mounted conveyor in transport position

    Width: 24”