B&W Manufacturing is the leading provider of high-quality, durable portable conveyor systems for use in a variety of different industries. Our patented design allows users to get more done while reducing the risk of injury. Learn how our portable conveyors can transform the way you transport supplies for your projects.

The Rundown Of The Portable Conveyor

These American-made conveyors have become the best friends of contractors everywhere because they are easy to transport, set up, and maintain. Not only that, but our portable conveyors are also some of the most efficient equipment available on the market today. In less than ten minutes, you can assemble your portable conveyor and get to work.

The telescoping design allows for maximum flexibility and increased application to various types of projects, from roofing to landscaping to manufacturing and everything in between. It takes mere minutes to telescope to the full length of 35’ or 42’, depending on the model of portable conveyor that best fits your needs. Let’s talk about some of the additional benefits of our portable conveyors.

Increase Productivity

Far and away, one of the biggest benefits of using our portable conveyors is the ability to increase productivity. You no longer have to suffer through the painstakingly slow, not to mention dangerous, process of lugging material up and down a ladder. Regardless of the materials required for a project, the portable conveyor can handle a variety of loads, including shingles, clay tiles, rolled roofing, plywood, solar panels, demolition debris, and so much more. Better yet, the portable conveyor doesn’t require lunch breaks or have any fixed shifts - when your employees are ready to work, so is the portable conveyor.

Increase Mobility

A severely neglected feature in our industry is the mobility of conveyor equipment. Our machinery is easy to set-up and comes equipped with wheels to make transitions and transport easy. Additionally, the portable conveyor is made out of extruded aluminum, which makes it a highly durable, yet lightweight piece of equipment that makes hard-to-reach places accessible, therefore keeping your productivity at an all-time high.

Increase Safety

Whether you are repairing steep sloped roofs or transporting materials to upper-level storage, there are a couple of key risks that your employees face on a daily basis. Injuries are prominent due to the regular load-bearing labor your team is executing. Not to mention the increased risk of falls when you are 40+ feet in the air. The portable conveyor can reduce these risks by making the transportation of materials safer and simpler.

The benefits of our patented portable conveyor come full-circle here, because healthy employees aren’t recovering from injuries and, therefore, are able to execute the projects you’re working on at maximum productivity.

The Specs Of The Portable Conveyor

B&W Manufacturing’s portable conveyor is an industry leading piece of equipment due to the many features that allow for enhanced productivity and efficiency on the job. These features include:

  • Two available lengths: 35’ and 42’
  • Telescoping design that expands or collapses in minutes
  • Optional truck mount attachment
  • Durable aluminum structure

In addition to the extensive benefits of the portable conveyor, it is also extremely cost effective, starting at $7,200. Contact us today to find out if you qualify for discounts. Get a FREE quote from our expert manufacturers today!



    Material Main Structure: Extruded Aluminum (6063-T3)

    Belt Rollers: UHMW Plastic

    Drive & Support Belts: Polyester Webbing

    Support Belts: Polyester Webbing

    Belt Speed: 90 feet/minute

    Motor: 1 hp. 110 volt A.C. single phase (forward and reverse)

    Max Amp. Draw: 11.0 to 13.5 Amp.

    Transmission: Single worm. Aluminum housing.

    Belt Cleats: Heat treated T-6

    Cleat Height: 4” or 3”

    Cleat Spacing: 6’ standard (4’ custom design available)

    Belt Span Drive Belts: 10 ¾” between two drive belts

    Belt Span Support Belts: 24” between the two support belts

    Wheels: Solid rubber with bearing

    Load Capacity: 350lbs continuous load at 45° incline


    Weight: 225lbs

    Height: 3’

    Width: 3’

    Transport Length: 18.5’

    Extended Length: 35’

    Both portable conveyor models feature a one year limited warranty.


    Weight: 275lbs

    Height: 3’

    Width: 3’

    Transport Length: 21.5’

    Extended Length: 42’

    Both portable conveyor models feature a one year limited warranty.