The B&W bulk belt conveyor system is a quicker, safer, and more applicable way to transport materials between levels. The proprietary design of this belt conveyor system increases versatility in industries that require heavy-duty hauling functions to execute their projects, even in the tightest spaces. If you need access that a tractor or BobCat simply can’t provide, you need the B&W bulk conveyor system.

Bulk Belt Conveyor: An Overview

The bulk belt conveyor system is perfect for industries that require heavy-duty hauling on a regular basis. The proprietary technology combined with the sleek and mobile design allows unprecedented access to hard to reach places, giving you a more efficient and functional way to transport demolition and construction debris, cement, gravel, dirt, swimming pool plaster, logs, rocks, and so much more. The 12-inch wide belt on our bulk conveyor maximizes applicability across industries and projects for a better experience for both your customers and your employees.

The Benefits Of The Bulk Belt Conveyor

Not only does the bulk belt conveyor allow access to tight spots with its lightweight and durable design, but the length can also be customized in 5-foot intervals between 10’ and 30’. Wireless control also makes our bulk conveyor a no-brainer while you're on the job. Let’s talk about some of the additional benefits you can experience with the B&W bulk belt conveyor.

Heavy-Duty Hauling

The wide belt design combined with durable construction allows for heavy-duty hauling all day long. This machinery is not held back by human restraints like the need for breaks after extreme exertion, so you can haul cement, gravel, dirt, and any other materials or debris necessary for completing your project on a continuous basis.

Increased Productivity

Streamlining the process of transporting materials or debris into a safe and efficient process not only creates a reliable workflow, but it also eliminates downtime due to injury. When your employees are healthy and feel like they are accomplishing something, more work gets done.

Improved Mobility

The lightweight design of the bulk belt conveyor makes transportation easy, whether you're using a pick-up truck or a single axle towing trailer. Additionally, the equipment can be easily maneuvered into tight or oddly-shaped spaces that traditional tractors or BobCats just can’t get into, giving you more access to the things you need.

Boost Your ROI With A Bulk Belt Conveyor

The starting price of $7,500 offers you an extensive bang for your buck. By maximizing productivity and increasing your access, the bulk belt conveyor pays for itself and then some in no time at all. If you’re interested in a bulk belt conveyor to give your business the boost it needs, contact us today for a free quote. 


    Material Main Structure: Aluminum

    Drive and Support Belts: 2-ply, SBR rough top incline 12’ wide conveyor belt or PVC smooth belt

    Belt Speed: 100 feet/minute

    Motor: 1hp 110 volt single phase totally enclosed fan cooled motor

    Max Amp. Draw: 13 Amps under full load

    Transmission: Single-worm aluminum housing, speed reducer 20:1

    Belt Cleats: Aluminum

    Cleat Height: Smooth or 3" Cleat available

    Wheels: 8” x 2.5” solid rubber tire - not designed for towing

    Trough Width: Bottom 16”

    Towing Package: Optional


    Weight: 225lbs at 15’ - add 60lbs/5’ increment

    Transport Length: Modular system from 10’ to 30’ in 5’ increments

    The bulk belt conveyor has a one year limited warranty.